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Our Purpose

Your home should be your castle, even if it’s a one bedroom apartment, or a multi-unit building for your customers.

It should be a place where you or your customers can be comfortable and relaxed with family and friends. An oasis. Where background support and needs are running smoothly without having to think about anything by enjoying the present.


Our Purpose is to restore that secure feeling of home as an oasis from the stressors of outside life whenever something that shouldn’t go wrong, inevitably does. By installing the most reliable support systems- or quickly and completely fixing any issues that pop up- with these water, heat, or electrical systems often taken for granted as part of civilized living.

And it’s not just what we do, but how we do it: striving to consistently service our customers in a mindful and friendly manner, so they can return to a relaxing and recuperative environment without having to worry about important things that should run on their own in the first place


You shouldn’t have to worry about your plumbing, heating, electrical, all of your life-supporting day to day utilities. Let us worry about it.

(And for other related services, just click on one of our other service brands logos at the top of the page. We can take care of almost any headache for you).

If you’ve come to this site, or live in New York City, you likely already know something about sanitary plumbing. But check out the About Us Page if you really want to get personal. Sanitary has been THE preeminent “hyper-local” blue-chip plumbing brands for close to 100 years. We started servicing the Bronx, where we’re still headquartered, expanded our service areas to all of Manhattan by the 1980’s and also from individual customers and families to full-property customers and real-estate holding companies, and today provide just about every type of plumbing service and component throughout all the boroughs of New York City and to all types of customers who expect the best and want some rest.


We have the technical knowhow and top-grade parts at the best pricing for every major plumbing issue or new build.

Please click on a specific service below to learn more.

General Plumbing

Bathroom repair/installation

Is your toilet leaking? Not flushing properly? Would you like to install a new toilet? We can install and service your toilet.

Anti-scalding tub and shower faucets

NYC law states that water temperature shall be less than 120 Degrees Fahrenheit out of the spout. We install and repair all fixtures to abide by this law.

Riser/branch piping, repair and re-piping

Do you live in a pre-war building and you’re not getting any cold water in your bathroom? Maybe your bathroom ceiling is starting peel and bubble. Let us complete the necessary plumbing repairs

Control valve replacement/repair

Unsuccessfully trying to shut off the water to the apartment or a particular room? We will install new domestic water control valves for you.

Radiator repair/installation

Does your radiator leak? Are you getting too much or not enough heat? Call us to diagnose and fix your problem.

Floor, Yard drains

Does your yard always get flooded, even during light rain? Maybe you need a new yard drain, call now for to schedule a drain cleaning.

Faucet and Shower repair/installation

Is that constant drip from your shower head or kitchen faucet finally driving you crazy? Don’t pretend you can’t hear it. Call us to take care of your problem and your headache.

Bathtub repair/installation

Your bathtub should be your in-home spa, a place to relax and get away from it all. Do you use yours enough, or is it the same one you occasionally notice when brushing your teeth, left alone as (outdated) decoration? Treat yourself to a more comfortable and modern model, and we’ll have it installed and ready for you just in time for your weekend “in-home” vacation.

Icemaker installation

Sick of manually filling ice trays all the time? Pick out your favorite icemaker and we’ll install it for you. Cool!

Dishwasher installation

Yes! We install dishwashers. We, too, like to eat off clean dishes.

Washer/Dryer installation

Whether you’re upgrading to a new one or installing one from scratch, let us hook it up. We can obtain and coordinate all necessary Department of Building permits and inspections when necessary.

Gas range installation

Be safe! Many of our installations are re-installations. That is, from customers that either tried to install a gas range themselves or through a “friend” or cut-rate service. Save yourself time, money, and headache by having us (a licensed plumber) install your gas fired appliances the right way the first time.

Valve Tempering

Keep your buildings safe and avoid potential scalding problems by having a domestic water tempering valve properly installed and adjusted to maintain the required domestic hot water temperature

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

All of our technicians are trained to remove the most challenging of blockages, but we have also have our own in-house sewer and drain cleaning experts. These specialists can clear the most daunting trap and come prepared for the worst. Think of them as your own Special Forces “Blockbusters”.  We recommend a semi-yearly preventive maintenance appointment to proactively clear the main house sewer. Individual specializations include:

  • House drain and sewers
  • Bathtub stoppages
  • Kitchen sink stoppages
  • Wash basin stoppages
  • Toilet stoppages
  • Dishwasher stoppages
  • Roof drain clearing
  • Grease Trap cleaning
  • Separation pit cleaning
  • Camera detection

Pump Installation/Service

Our pump specialists service and install all varieties of pumps for your building’s needs.

  • Domestic water roof tank pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • Sewage Ejector pump
  • Boiler Condensate pumps
  • Domestic water booster pumps

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations: Whether you are completing a simple fixture replacement or a complete multi-bathroom and kitchen renovation, Sanitary Plumbing and Heating Corp. can work with you or your General Contractor to complete your project.

Water Filtration

The days and the cost associated with having safe, fresh bottled drinking water delivered to your work place are over. Inquire now about the latest technology in water filtration systems. Find out how you can save money, eliminate garbage from water bottles, and enjoy clean, clear, bacteria-free water straight from your kitchen faucet! For offices, learn about our beautiful water coolers with hot and cold faucets.

Let a Sanitary Plumbing representative show you how to take advantage of the newest in water filtration technology straight from the tap and slash the amount of money you are throwing down the drain!

  • Under sink water filters
  • Floor mounted water coolers
  • Countertop water coolers
  • Water softeners
  • Whole house filters.

Fire Suppression

FDNY Annual Flow Test.  On May 8, 2007 the Fire Department of New York assumed responsibility of the annual sprinkler test from the Department of Housing Preservation. If you have either a converted dwelling or dwellings used for single room occupancy, then you must perform an annual flow test as well as a monthly visual inspection of the sprinkler system. A converted dwelling:  “Any building built before April 18, 1929 as a 1 or 2 family home that was converted to a multiple dwelling (3 units or more) OR any building built after April 18, 1929 originally used as a 1 or 2 family home of up to 3 stories converted to a 3 family house”.

The Test. If your building falls under the above specs, your must have a Flow Test performed and reported (to the FDNY) annually by a Licensed Plumber or Fire Suppression Contractor. This test ensures that if your system should become activated, there will be adequate water pressure to the uppermost section of the sprinkler system to provide fire protection. The minimum water pressure must be 15 PSI at the test station. Once every five years the FDNY must witness this test. The Fire Department will notify you by mail that you must schedule a test.  Please fax (212-534-4349) or email ( a copy of the notification to us and we will schedule your test with the FDNY.


In order to conduct this test, the building must have an Inspector Test Valve installed on your sprinkler system. This “Station” is a testing port that allows the Fire Department to measure the water pressure in the sprinkler system. It must be located on the upper most floor of the building, in a public hallway, directly after the sprinkler head furthest from the building’s entrance. It is identifiable by pressure gauges, a hose valve and a small white sign stating ‘Inspector’s Test Valve’. You should also have a small bucket (plastic or metal) and a garden hose on the premise.

Monthly Visual Inspections:

The FDNY is also requiring monthly visual inspections of the sprinkler system performed by a competent person holding a Certificate of Fitness. This service is to ensure that on a month-to-month basis, the sprinkler system appears to be in proper working condition and that no alterations to the existing system have been made.

To be proactive and avoid any FDNY violation, call today to schedule a time to begin compliance with these new regulations.

Backflow Preventers (RPZ)

What is an RPZ, why does my building need one?

An RPZ (Backflow Preventers) is a device that prevents the undesirable reversal of flow of water -– caused by the sudden or unexpected change in water pressure — from your building into the City’s potable (drinking) water supply.

Without such a device installed, contaminated water, chemicals or disease could potentially enter the City’s domestic water supply from your building!

What should I do now?

As the letter states, you have thirty (30) days to “initiate the process”. Call Sanitary Plumbing & Heating Corp. We will have our Licensed Engineer draw up a set of approved plans for the installation of the necessary RPZ device(

I have my engineer working on this already…

Upon receiving the plans approved by the NYC DEP from your engineer, Sanitary Plumbing & Heating will provide you with a free estimate to install, test and sign off on your device(s).

What else do I need to know?

If you just completed a new installation, or already have a device previously installed, the City requires annual testing of the RPZ device(s). Sanitary Plumbing is a licensed RPZ testing company.

Plumbing Violation Corrections

For your convenience, we maintain strong relationships with the following Agencies to ensure prompt, reliable service when a violation needs to be corrected or permits need to be pulled.


Sprinkler system installations, repairs, alterations and testing

Standpipe system repairs and testing

Monthly Visual Sprinkler Inspections

Residential Flow Test:

Existing sprinkler systems must be ‘flow tested’ by a licensed plumber or licensed fire suppression contractor once every 12 months – an FDNY inspector must be present once every 60 months – to ensure the water pressure at the furthest point in the sprinkler system is greater than 15 PSI.

Department of Environmental Protection

Installing water meters

Correcting violations

Installing and annual testing of backflow preventers

Department of Buildings

LAA Filing

Removal of open plumbing Violations

Con Edison

Gas leak shutdowns

Service Area

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island
  • Westchester

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